A photo report from the Bruntingthorpe based Lightning Preservation Group Open Day on Sunday 22nd July. The open days at the former Strategic Air Command airfield offer a unique (for the UK) opportunity to view at close quarters these classic British aircraft.

The Lightning Preservation Group (LPG) operates a pair of the incredible English Electric Lightning F.6 - XR728 and XS904. The LPG’s dedicated team of volunteers are to be applauded for holding the event despite a number of obstacles that had to be faced before the event; unseasonably bad weather, an unserviceable Avon 302 engine on XR728 and liability insurance issues, which on this occasion unfortunately limited participation from other operators at the Leicestershire airfield.

The LPG is celebrating its 19th year of operations during 2007 and it would be most fitting for them to achieve their aim of completing the fund raising required to finish the 'Q' shed project – more here -

At the moment the building’s steel frame has been erected and a concrete floor has been laid. Although £50,000 has been raised through the team’s considerable efforts, current estimates indicated a further £50,000 is required to clad the roof and finish off the building works.

Once completed the 'Q' shed will form a unique living museum dedicated to the Cold War and the Lightning.

The LPG team kindly posed their Lightning's for our cameras, an opportunity we hope to repeat again in the future.

From left to right: Andy Brooke, Max Waldron, Andrew Bonsell, Jim
Feathery and Jack Reed.

A massive thank you to Andrew Bonsell, Richard & Christopher Norris and all of the LPG team for their hospitality, assistance and patience whilst setting up the photo shoot.

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