You may have heard that the RAF Police and MoD Police are thinking of launching a 'SPOTTERWATCH' scheme at RAF Coningsby.

Well the rumour is true, in association with On Target Aviation they are looking to make the relationship between the Police and Spotters at Coningsby a good one. The RAF Policeman co-ordinating the 'SPOTTERWATCH' scheme is an avid Spotter and knows what it is like on both sides of the fence.

The aim is to use the scheme as an information gathering system, the information they are looking for is:

  1. Suspicious activity either by occupants of vehicles or persons
  2. Any signs of damage to the fence line
  3. Anything else you are not sure about
If you are interested in joining the scheme, then please download the form below. Once downloaded, please fill it in and post back to the address below. The form, asks for your details, which they will hold and not release to anyone. The information contained on the form, will also assist in them contacting you, should the need arise.

Once they have received the registration form, they will then send out to you a business card, which has on it basic do's and don'ts as well as all the contact details for us.

If the scheme works, they are looking to widen the scheme to other Units and civilian airports.

If you require more information, then please do not hesitate to contact them at the address below.

Spotter Watch Registration Form

Spotterwatch Co-ordinator
RAF Police Flight
RAF Coningsby


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